29 June, 2008

quick knits!

The weather is so very random at the moment.
This morning it rained hard out, and now the sun is shining (but there isn't any warmth in it!).

Just as well I have
finished Ella's hat.
I used the Gooseberry pattern again, only modification is that it's longer before the decreases.

Ella loves it and wore it to kindy this morning with her matching gloves.
If only Oliver was as keen and kept his hat and gloves on!

I have also made a start on the husbands slippers.
I am using the Taieri Plains yarn I brought the other day with Miss Moore, and mixing it with the left over wool from Ella's skirt.
They are nice and soft, and really warm.

I had made one, but it was way too small even though the pattern was written to his size.

So I am having to make up a pattern as I go, only hope it works!

I am using my Mothers Day prezzie from last year, a set of 9mm Rosewood Needles.
They are soooo nice to knit with, get some if you haven't already!

They are almost as good as a Gingernut to have with a hot cup of tea.

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Toni MB said...

yeah the hats look fab!
I'm loving your blog - great work!