22 June, 2008

cold and wet day

As promised, here is a picture of Ella's nails that she painted by herself.

Fantastic job my button!
They look great!

You may have noticed in this and the last picture that miss button has bare feet.
(Yes it is winter here, but try telling her that!)

Today is gray, wet and cold!
And even with bare feet, Ella has been thinking of others and wondering if they are warm enough?

Apparently not!

So I have been practicing my very poor and limited crocheting skills to make scarves for the many small residents that share Ella’s bedroom!

One down, far too many more to go, perhaps knitting them would be quicker?

The quiet weekend's knitting efforts produced a hat for the boy, to match his fat little sausage warmers.

It's on, and he is smiling, so that's good.

This beautifully simple pattern is from 50 villapeikko.
One of my favorites knitting blogs, make sure to check it out.

I’m sure all you fellow knitters will enjoy.
And non-knitters as well, it may be just the thing to get you hocked on sticks!

Just remember that it is essential to have a hot cup of tea while you work!

And with that I’m off to freshen the teapot!

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castingontrouble said...

Lovely hat!