31 October, 2008


today has been so very horrible, dark, wet and cold we have had to have the heater on this afternoon!

And I haven't knitted anything remotely as interesting and beautiful as this...

Make sure you have a nice hot cuppa while watching!

29 October, 2008

new favorite and a touch of summer

Button has a new favorite breakfast…

Vogel's toast with marmite, cottage cheese and tomato!
It really is very delish, and that’s a good thing as wee Button is not a big breakfast kid.

Today is a beautiful day, the first in nearly a week!

The sun has teased us with a little touch of summer.
And we have nothing better to do than enjoy it, make daisy chains and drink tea!

27 October, 2008

Labour Weekend

This weekend was a three day one!
Labour Weekend in NZ is traditionally just for getting into the extremely over grown garden, or a full on dream for shopaholic's due to sales all weekend.

Our weekend was very busy!
Saturday morning Phil took the kids to the swimming pool, while Miss Moore and wee Neve popped around for a visit, a spot of lunch and to take away some cuttings for their garden.

Sunday morning we went to Sarah's Baptism, and a birthday party for one of Ella's kindy friends.
Mum and the Little Sister arrived in the afternoon to stay for the night.

Toni brought this with her, not would you believe to finish, but to have me rip it!

I haven't had the heart to rip it yet.
The Little Sister has made such a beautiful job, her tension is always perfect.
But alas the pattern is very short and cropped though the body, and Toni has a lovely long back so the cardigan is too short.

Monday morning was busy for the Munchkins, mowing lawns and...

baking muffins!

Then it was off to the garden shop, for a look, a coffee and a spend.
By the time we had drop the Little Sister back to her house and driven home to ours it was time for a well deserved cup of tea and dinner!

24 October, 2008

quick knits

The tweed bunny is finished.

She is a Baptism present for a wee lass.

This lovely pattern is from Barbara Prime of Fuzzy Mitten.
If you would like a bunny for yourself you can find her wonderful patterns at : Fuzzy Mitten,
I have bought quite a few.

And also thank you Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits for the inspiration.
I think both of these ladies are very talented knitters!

You can check out their beautiful blogs at : Fuzzy Thoughts and Little Cotton Rabbits.
Which is what I'm going to do now, just as soon as my pot of fresh tea is brewed!

23 October, 2008

home alone!

It's not very often that I find myself home alone!
The husband is at work, the kids at kindy and play center.

The house is very quiet and still,
it is very strange!

21 October, 2008

zakka candy

While surfing the net today, I came across this very nice site : zakka candy.

Now I’m sure it is not new to a lot of people, but it is a new find for me!

And oh what candy it is!

There’s a large woodland theme and general all round cute feel, which I love.

Here are some of my favorite things.

I especially love these bags with their knitted bottoms.

And if you are already feeling the Christmas Spirit...

The only problem is I can’t understand any of the Japanese (My high school Japanese language teacher would be so very sad to know I can’t remember a thing of what she taught me!).
So I can’t work out how to translate the site, which means I can’t yet buy anything!

I might just have to make another cup of tea and go take another look!

19 October, 2008

working weekend?

This saturday the weather was fantastic, until it turned nasty!
I had my working crew all sorted to help in the garden, but they had other ideas...

such as wrestling,

bike riding,

and snail watching!

I can recall another little girl who had a thing for snails.
She would line up a few and when they started moving, she would pick them up and lick their tummies!

I am pleased that snail licking isn't a trait passed through dna.
And that now all grown up, the little sister would much rather knit and drink Tea!

17 October, 2008

what is this?

I love tweedy wool....

but what could this wee pile of body parts be?

hmm, I wonder....

could it be a bunny?

14 October, 2008

pocka dots and crazy balls

I have been working on this little project, for my friend M.
It is her birthday this week, so shush don't' tell her!

I quite like these spotty tops,

and crazy yarn balls!

I have another surprise for her, but I'm not so sure she will like it!
Take a look...

08 October, 2008

complete and utter personal gloating

A while ago I was contacted by Joanna Goddard, she writes for Cookie Magazine (a US based mag).
She wanted to feature the Teepee I made for Ella in their online Blog.

Well the post is up so go and check it out!!!!
(you have to scroll down the page a bit)

Yeah me!

Now I'm going to make another cup of tea and look at the post again ... ha!

07 October, 2008

good golly!

The munchkins Granz (Phil's Mum) is also a fantastic knitter.
And for their birthdays, (Ella when she was two, and Oliver this year) Granz made them these adorable Gollywogs.

Now I know that it is supposedly completely politically incorrect, but I don't care.
I think they are fantastic and beautifully made.

And the kids love just love them.
How could you not with their lovely smiles and big knowing eyes.

Olivers Golly is the one with the blue jacket, and he calls him "Colly".
He has a little key, because wee Ollie is very keen on keys.
And will take any keys he can get his hands on, hide them (for weeks Phil's car keys were missing) or use them in the wrong doors, and even break them while they are in locks!
A huge thank you Granz, from the munchkins for their Gollies, they are great!

It is very nice to know that there are other people around that also share our love of Gollywogs.
One of them is a fellow kiwi, Craig Smith.
He has written a song about his Golly.
Check it out it rocks!