24 October, 2008

quick knits

The tweed bunny is finished.

She is a Baptism present for a wee lass.

This lovely pattern is from Barbara Prime of Fuzzy Mitten.
If you would like a bunny for yourself you can find her wonderful patterns at : Fuzzy Mitten,
I have bought quite a few.

And also thank you Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits for the inspiration.
I think both of these ladies are very talented knitters!

You can check out their beautiful blogs at : Fuzzy Thoughts and Little Cotton Rabbits.
Which is what I'm going to do now, just as soon as my pot of fresh tea is brewed!


Mary Anne said...

The tweed bunny is adorable! I love her dress too; and thank you for the links to those two lovely websites.

castingontrouble said...

That is sooooo cute - I really love the way the red ribbon winds through the dress and the tweedy yarn is pretty!! xx