23 December, 2009

merry christmas everyone!

so what's atop of your tree...

I brought this lovely snow flake while up in Auckland.
Phil had his work Christmas party this weekend, so while he went to work on Friday, I shopped!

I have been wanting to share the photos of the house repaint and new carpet.
But the carpet was delayed because they measured the house wrong and one run was too short.
So by the time that was sorted we were heading for Wanganui to drop off the munchkins and then onto Auckland.
And somewhere in the middle I managed to delete all the before and after photos!

So it is safe to say I need a holiday - big time!
In light of this the kids have everything set out for the big jolly fella and his crew...

and apparently he needed an explanation as to what all this is for...

So from my family to yours
"we wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year".

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get our lives sorted.
I know the kids are sick of having to rummage into a box to find their clothes.
So once all is well and the house in a more livable state I can get some pictures for you to see.
Until then take care and be safe!