18 December, 2008

her last!

Today was our darling Buttons ( aka - Ella ) very last day at kindergarten.

So this morning we made a birthday hat and play dough cupcake, with candles.

All the kindy kids sung "Happy Birthday" and "Happy School Days".
So of course she thinks today is her birthday.

( It is so confusing having a birthday on Christmas Day!
Especially when your party is in November and very last day of kindy in December. )

She had a very lovely last day, even though I sat in a corner crying!

So my darling wee one, "Happy Last Kindy Day".
Just a short holiday and then my almost "Five year old" it will be off to school with you.
With no doubt more tears from Mum!

16 December, 2008

look what came in the post!

When mail is too big to fit in our letter box the Postie leaves a note telling you to go here...

So at lunch time with I bolted down to the local Post Shop to collect a brown package.
Said package had traveled a long way and has also been throughly checked...

And I have to admit that I was a tad worried that I would find nothing inside!

So I was so very pleased to find this...

Can you see my lovely wee prize...

Isn't he the most adorable wee Reindeer ever!
Dasher was made by a very talented lady, not only is she a very clever crafter but also the best story teller ever.
Make sure to check out her wonderfully funny blog, and as always have a cup of fresh tea while you have a read.
Just make sure you swallow your drink before trying to laugh, or you too will have tea coming out your nose!

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again E.
I just love him!

14 December, 2008

more sewing

Here are the pictures of the Knitting Needle Roll I made for Miss Moore.

And I also painted and bejeweled a set of needles for her as well.

Now she has NO excuses for not knitting!

13 December, 2008

knitting needle rolls

Last month I promised to show more of my sewing.
Now that Mum W and Miss Moore have had their birthdays and received their gifts, I can now share more of what I made.

Knitting needle rolls, of course!

This is Mum's, made from recycled jeans and a old bed spread.

Sewing straight lines for the pockets was just too hard, so I didn't even try.
I just doubled up the stitch lines and made a feature out of them.

The pattern I used is from "Midnight Knitter", you can find it here.
I modified mine slightly, and made the needle pockets higher instead of using a ribbon through the center.

True to form I took about a million photos and still have to sort out Miss Moore's.
So you will have to wait till tomorrow for hers!

Until then go and have a nice pot of fresh tea!

08 December, 2008

happy birthday

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday Miss Moore,
happy birthday to you,

A little something on it's way to you!

03 December, 2008


Contrary to the post date, here in New Zealand it is in fact the 4th of December.
So that means nine years ago I slipped into this...

and a smallish girl wore this...

I met this young man...

Then I followed these smallish people inside...

and the young man and I got hitched!

After a few photos...

We took of, with family and friends...

to eat cake.

There was music playing when we left the Chapel.
The same song we listen to every year...

Happy Wedding Anniversary Phil.
I still Love you more today than yesterday!

01 December, 2008

what to do when...

1. The first Strawberry of the season (in your own garden!) is red and ready?

Watch your child devour it, of course!

2. When your children complain that they are bored?

Make collage faces using cuttings from old magazines!

(Ella's is the Blond, and Oliver's is the Brunette)

While enjoying a nice pot of refreshing tea!