29 May, 2008

quick knits!

This week has been a busy one for knitting gifts, and knitting lessons!

Tuesday night was a very important date, because Miss Moore cast on for the first time in about 20 years!!
It was a fantastic event, between watching Corro, the new heat pump blowing loudly, the baby crying very loudly, and the lovely husband to be, rolling his eyes heavenward.
I was so very proud when my ears heard "Just let me finish this row!" through the chaos.
Miss Moore had a great night and I believe finished up at about midnight, which is a sterling first effort!

Look out husband to be, Tuesday knitting nights might just have to become a regular thing!!

This wee blue puppy arrived during the week.
He is for a little big boy birthday present.

Much to Oliver's disappointment, he is quite fond of him and insists that "Willim" needs a friend.
So I guess I had better knit another, we wouldn't want William to be lonely now would we!

I found this very cute puppy, and pattern from this very clever lady - karkovski - I love her work, is fab!
I have knitted a few puppies now, but only give them as gifts!

I also managed to finish this little set for the wee girl - Sarah.
We haven't met yet so I hope they fit!!!

All in all this week has been quite productive.
The weekend is about to get even more so.
Phil is installing a Smart-Vent, dvs type thing in the roof.
I cant wait! It will really make the house warmer this winter!

Now I off for a nice hot cuppa Tea to warm me up - it's very cold today!

21 May, 2008

oh baby!

Yeah to Michael and Sherie, brand new parents of the cute wee Sarah Joan-Marie.
She was born 10:05 am.
Thursday 15 May weighing in at 2.94 kg (6.5

We hope you are settling into your new home life, and enjoying your wee girl!

So now I’m a tiny bit clucky, and this morning had a quick look at pics of our munchkins when they first arrived.

Ella arrived 11 days early and was quite beautiful, with a nice shaped head even though she got stuck!

And Oliver was late (typical boy behavior, why give up a good thing!) and looked like a wrinkled old man!

Now just because it is the crack of dawn it must be time for a hot cup of tea, and feed the kids!

20 May, 2008

here we are!

Hi everyone!

I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world, so here we are!

Firstly a big thanks to my computer tutor - you know how you are - for helping me set up the blog!!

A few weeks ago we had a lovely summer holiday / important birthday at Mt Maunganui.
We were lucky enough to have warm weather for swimming!
The kids love the water and had a fantastic time getting wet.

Thanks so very much Gaelyn, Bryan, Kendra and Zack for making Mums birthday really special.
We had a wonderful time with you all, and Ella is still talking about her new beach and boyfriend!!!

So that was my first post, yeah!
And my cuppa has gone cold so I'm off to make a fresh pot of tea!