30 January, 2009

OH S**T!!!

We are back from our family holiday, and I had intended this post to be about that.

But while I was sorting out the million photos I took while away, I realised that there was a disturbing lack of noise in the house!

So I went to investigate and found...

Ella in the bathroom giving herself a hair cut!

Apparently her hair was in the way, so she thought she would just lop it off!
"Why not just tie it up?" I asked.
"Oh, didn't think of that!" was reply.

Thankfully all the cutting was in front, so now my child has a very short, very fat fringe!
Just in time to start school.

No amount of tea will make this one right, I will have to move onto the Sherry!

14 January, 2009

kids mojito

It's hot! and the kids are sick of drinking plain water.
I'm not into packet Raro ( which is nothing more than coloured sugar ) or supermarket mixes.

So we drink heaps of kids mojitos ( without the alcohol ) which are rather refreshing on a hot summers day.

Today we used our own home grown Lemonades so there wasn't a need to add honey.
Just lost of ice and mint.
You can use any citrus you like, normal lemons. limes, orange.

For special treats, like Fairy Parties, we use Blackcurrant juice and Sprite Zero.

I am certain that I'm not the first Mum to think this up and use as an alternative to other shop brought drinks.
My munchkins love the stuff, and both ask for it over anything else, they will refill their drink bottles a couple of times during the day.

And as refreshing as a fresh pot of tea is, sometimes a cold drink is called for!

12 January, 2009

hay you guys!

Ella stayed here again on the weekend...

She loves staying with Auntie Toni, because Auntie Toni has the best movies...

This is without a doubt my little sisters favourite movie, and now a new favourite of my kids.

Olivers favourite character is none other than Sloth, because of course he is wearing a Superman tee...

for the last three days Ollie has been walking around the house shouting "hey you guys!"

I think I need another cup of tea, as I feel my age catching up on me!

07 January, 2009

neglect for novels and knitting

I have been completely neglectful and "idle indeed" of my blog these holidays, and have let it go some what for reading Jane Austen novels and then following them up with the BBC movies!

With 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Pride and Prejudice' read and watched, I am hungry for more!

Thanks to Miss Austen for her fantastic story telling and the BBC for their visual portrayal.

Love, love, love everything, especially the costumes and inside the buildings and outside the buildings, and the country side, the way they talked back then, oh well o.k just everything!

I would very much like a hat just like the one Marianne Dashwood is wearing.
And definitely the jacket Miss Elizabeth Bennet
is wearing below...

In between reading and being glued to the t.v. I have managed to start and finish the first 2009 knitting project...

this wee puffy sleeved cardigan for Ella to wear to school.
( note how the puffy sleeves look like Miss Bennets! )

This lovely pattern is not one of mine, though I did have to modify the original to fit and to look a tad more little girlish.
You can find the pattern ( Minisweater ) for yourself in a more grown up style at Glampyre Knits, and best of all it is free!