27 August, 2008

pasta puttanesca

The weather is driving us crazy.
It is so random, sun one day then rain and frosts the next!

It’s no wonder the kids are sick again.

And not being able to go to kindy, poor wee button is starting to climb the walls.

But we have found a new favorite movie, and now the kids are obsessed with Lemony Snicket’s.

To the point where all they want to eat is pasta puttanesca.

And Ella must cook it!
Our version is very very basic, curly pasta (bunged in the microwave) and a can of Wattie's Pesto Tomatoes, stirred in just before they devour it!

On the knitting front.
I have finished a few more Brainbridge scarf's for wee peoples prezzies.

And a project for our friends daughter, who turns 21 in a fortnight.
I just need someone to model before I can take some pictures!
But you can check out the pattern here.

Now time for a cuppa and troll TradeMe for some more buttons.

21 August, 2008


Here we are, in manga.

Make your own!

finally sunshine!

Today has been the most amazing day.
There was sunshine.
And better still some warmth in the sun, and that has made us all happy!

Especially wee Ella, who was home from kindy sick.
And thought it would be nice to have a sleep in the almost forgotten what it is sunshine, I agree!

A few months ago I came across this really horrible kids site
(Teepee For Me) that sells the most terrible teepees!

And of course just had to have one each for the kids.
Only problem US dollar converted to NZ dollar = too damn much!

So I asked the talented sewing guru Miss Moore how hard would it be to make our own?
(Which is code for make me two teepees please)
She laughed and told me to make them myself.

So I guess that meant not hard, and any sewing illiterate could do it.

I found some cool sheets at the local second hand shop, and ripped them into strips.

Sewed the short ends together, then cut the long train at 5 meters and sewed these strips together long ways.
So I pretty much ended up with a rectangle shape again.

Then cut out four triangles and sewed them to tube shapes for the poles.
(Which are wooden garden stakes)
Its not perfect and the front door flaps don't meet properly, or close, but...

Dada a teepee for my button!

I have a another one all cut out and ready to sew for the boy, who keeps asking for his own tent.
I just need to finish a few knitting projects first before the old sewing machine is allowed out of her box!

And the kids are not the only ones who enjoy hanging out in teepees!

I enjoyed drinking tea in the sun!

19 August, 2008

i like big butt.....

I like big BUTTONS!

Like this beauty, which is a big 4cm Coconut Button.
And all of these:

So I have been buying a few!
Mostly from TradeMe, and some from Spotlight.

I don't have as many as this lady, yet!
But I just love what she does with them.

So now I have a new bad habit - Sitting in front of the computer with a big pot of tea, trawling the button auctions for big buttons!

14 August, 2008

nearly snow

Last night at midnight the weather was wild.
We had a huge thunder and lightening storm!

It was incredible, the thunder rolled across the sky for ages.

And was so loud that our windows rattled!

And we had a wee Button sleeping in our bed.

As for the boy, he slept through it!

Then just as we were leaving for kindy this morning, there was a big hail storm.

We ran outside and caught some in a container, then the kids ate it!

I know this picture is dark, (and I have lightened it) but it was very dark this morning.
Yesterday was a complete contrast, beautiful and sunny!

It was my turn as parent helper at kindy, so I took along our chocolate molds (we don't use these ones for chocolate).

We full them up with old crayons and make new fun shaped ones!
The kids (especially the boys) had a great time busting up the crayons with little people sized hammers.
Then we filled up the molds and popped them in the oven to bake.
Once the crayons have melted, the molds go into the freezer to cool.

Then the kids popped out their new crayons!
They look great, too good in fact, as some of the kids tried to eat them!
(funnily enough it wasn't the girls that tried and those boys were the ones that smashed up the crayons to begin with)

But I was silly and forgot to take the camera, so these pictures are from yesterday afternoon at home.

There were some left over raw crayons and Ella brought them home to finish here.
We have made these before to freshen up our old crayons.
And I have brought brand new ones just to melt for little peoples presents!

Those kindy kids were full on, I didn't even have time for a cup of tea.
I had three once we were home though!

11 August, 2008


This went out today.
On their way to Nanna!

Along with two beautiful cards that the kids made....

And the Brainbridge Scarfs...

And this lovely hat that my Little Sister knitted!

Little Sis has picked a great colour, it matched Ella's eyes perfectly!

She used Naturally 4ply Haven (100% NZ Merino).

Which is so very soft and delicious!

The hat pattern and one of theirs as well.

Ella really liked this wee hat, it very nearly didn't get posted.

We hope you like you wee gift's Nanna.

Be sure you have a hot pot of tea to enjoy while looking at all your loot!

10 August, 2008

strange things

This morning it was so very very cold, in fact freezing!
The coldest morning so far at -2 degrees.
Mr Jack Frost had been to visit, and left not only a frozen car but...

icicles hanging from the window pains!

So we found it very strange, when the sun finally made an appearance that the strawberry plants have flowers that are fruiting!

I think the garden has gone completely bonkers.

Perhaps a hot cup of Tea will set the garden right?

07 August, 2008

Wild Tea Cosies

Yesterday I was cruising around Flicker, checking out the knitting pictures.
And I came across the most fantastic Tea Pot Cosies.

These amazing Cosies are designed by the very clever Australian knitter Loani Prior.

Best of all, she has released a book "Wild Tea Cosies".
Which has 24 different Knitted and Crocheted Tea Cosy designs.

Wild Tea Cosies is available here, and in NZ book stores.

I want this book!
And a lots more tea pots to cover!

Make sure you check out her Blog : Grand Purl Baa, for more pictures a great read, and a little treat.

I have already check my yarn stash, so I can cast on this lovely Cosie!

My Tea pot will never have looked so good!

06 August, 2008

in the post

Look what the Postman left in the letterbox.
What a nice surprise, a little something for me from my Mum!

Some very nice chocolates and a fantastic pair of fingerless gloves.
These are Jet and match the hooded vest she knitted for me last Easter (2007).

So in return, I have whipped up a couple of Bainbridge Scarfs.
I love this pattern, because it is simple yet beautiful and you can adapt it a number of ways to suit.
You can find the pattern here!

The Taupe colour has ties as the original pattern.
But the Plum has a button as per the modification suggested by flintknits.

These neck warmers really do make lovely gifts
and are very quick and easy to knit, while consuming a hot pot of Tea.

05 August, 2008

oh darn, more yarn!

We have had a busy few days.
The kids are sick with colds and full of snot!
They were lucky enough not to have them during the holidays, but we have had nothing but rain and cold weather for the last fortnight.
So I guess it was only time before they crashed.

Miss Moore popped around on Sunday to help me sew, (yes that is right sew!) new curtains for the lounge.
My Mum had made the first batch about six years ago.
They were a beautiful cotton voile, but not U.V proof.
So this time when I washed then, they pretty much fell apart.

These are the new ones, the fabric came all the way from China.
Thanks so very much Miss Moore, who had way too much for her house, and gave me the rest!

Not too shabby, and the colour works perfectly with the walls and our furniture.

I had to pop into Spotlight to buy cotton for the sewing machine, and left with eight balls of yarn.
Yes more yarn!
But just look at it, it's delicious.

They are Spotlight's Yarn Bee brand, Seasoned Spice, colour : Azalea.
And a 70% Wool, 30% Soybean mix, which is so friggen soft!

But really, in my defense I just couldn't leave these lovelies behind, and the colour is perfect for my Button.
Now what pattern to use?
Any suggestions?

Miss Moore has been a very busy Lady, between all the sewing at two houses, and working.
She has finished her second knitting project : The Boyfriend Hat.

She is modeling it below, but it is for her husband to be, to keep his noggin warm at work.

Fantastic knitting Miss Moore, it looks and fits great.
Now on to something for yourself!
I can't wait, more knitting nights with hot cups of tea to come, yeah!