07 August, 2008

Wild Tea Cosies

Yesterday I was cruising around Flicker, checking out the knitting pictures.
And I came across the most fantastic Tea Pot Cosies.

These amazing Cosies are designed by the very clever Australian knitter Loani Prior.

Best of all, she has released a book "Wild Tea Cosies".
Which has 24 different Knitted and Crocheted Tea Cosy designs.

Wild Tea Cosies is available here, and in NZ book stores.

I want this book!
And a lots more tea pots to cover!

Make sure you check out her Blog : Grand Purl Baa, for more pictures a great read, and a little treat.

I have already check my yarn stash, so I can cast on this lovely Cosie!

My Tea pot will never have looked so good!


Toni MB said...

I would like one of these please. Not the pattern the thing.

Fresh Tea : said...

We'll see, I'm still waiting for the tea cosie you were going to make me!

Toni MB said...

can you not remember - it's long finished and it did not fit, your teapot was too big! Don't ask me to modify the pattern, getting honeycomb cable and lace to fit is waaay beyond me.

Fresh Tea : said...

Sorry yes I do remember now! Perhaps a hot water bottle cover instead? And Yes of course I will knit you a cosie. Mum will have to help with the crochet roses though!