21 August, 2008

finally sunshine!

Today has been the most amazing day.
There was sunshine.
And better still some warmth in the sun, and that has made us all happy!

Especially wee Ella, who was home from kindy sick.
And thought it would be nice to have a sleep in the almost forgotten what it is sunshine, I agree!

A few months ago I came across this really horrible kids site
(Teepee For Me) that sells the most terrible teepees!

And of course just had to have one each for the kids.
Only problem US dollar converted to NZ dollar = too damn much!

So I asked the talented sewing guru Miss Moore how hard would it be to make our own?
(Which is code for make me two teepees please)
She laughed and told me to make them myself.

So I guess that meant not hard, and any sewing illiterate could do it.

I found some cool sheets at the local second hand shop, and ripped them into strips.

Sewed the short ends together, then cut the long train at 5 meters and sewed these strips together long ways.
So I pretty much ended up with a rectangle shape again.

Then cut out four triangles and sewed them to tube shapes for the poles.
(Which are wooden garden stakes)
Its not perfect and the front door flaps don't meet properly, or close, but...

Dada a teepee for my button!

I have a another one all cut out and ready to sew for the boy, who keeps asking for his own tent.
I just need to finish a few knitting projects first before the old sewing machine is allowed out of her box!

And the kids are not the only ones who enjoy hanging out in teepees!

I enjoyed drinking tea in the sun!

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