26 September, 2010

school boy

Olivers first day of school was a great success.

He was very happy to be in the same class Ella was when she started. 

And he had no trouble sorting himself out somewhere to sit.
And got stuck into some serious colouring. 

Mat time and he was happy to be left on his own...

too cool for school!

"What are you still doing here crazy lady, go home!"

Our little house is going to be very quiet indeed with both munchkins at school, what is a Mummy to do?

Any thing I want!

22 September, 2010

birthday boy -o- boy!

I have been in major denial that our last baby is turning five!
I couldn't even bring myself to make party invitations.
Instead we threw a really random party together a couple of days before we had it.
I didn't even book tables at the local pool, as you are supposed to.

This total lack of origination didn't seem to bother the boy, who had a fabulous time.
He was as usual surrounded by his favourite girls, all seven of them.
He number one girl's big brother gate crashed the party, which was good a little more testosterone didn't hurt.

Happy happy birthday our sweet boy.
Five already, it doesn't seem real, you got to here so very fast!

21 September, 2010

his last!

What a full on week we have had!
Friday was our little lads very last day at kindergarten.

First thing in the morning we made a birthday hat and play dough cupcake, with candles.
With his best little buddy helping.

All the kindy kids sung "Happy Birthday" and "Happy School Days".
And he loved being the center of attention!

Ollie had a very lovely last day, and this time I did not sit in the corner crying!
So our darling laddie, "Happy Last Kindy Day".
Just a couple of sleeps and it is off to school for you.

12 September, 2010


Ella has been a little concerned about her teacher standing out in the cold when on traffic duty.

So she asked me to knit her a hat.
Ella picked this nice chunky strawberry yarn and the cabled pattern herself.

The hat is quite cute I think...

but not as cute as my Button!

11 September, 2010


Oliver invited his girlfriend Bella (my future daughter in-law) to the kindy disco last night.
He took her a corsage that we made from stuff out of the veggie garden.

They both had a wonderful time.
Although Oliver needs lessons on how to look after his date a little better.
When we arrived he went in one direction and Bella in another.
They did meet up to have dinner together and a dance.
So the evening wasn’t a total bust.