09 June, 2011

the new old house!

wow! has it been so long?
 so we are kind of unpacked, living from room to room at the moment.
phil is in the middle of rewiring the house and insulating all the walls and ceilings.
in the mid eighties when this house was built insulation wasn't really thought necessary.
photos of his progress still to come.
i have just only unpacked the camera so pictures are limited sorry.

we have however been making more progress outside, the poor hubby has been removing trees like a man possessed.
thirty years of neglect has left them in bad condition, and very bad placement to close to the house is starting to effect the foundations. 
as we live on a slope with a lake at the bottom i do not want to wake up one morning only to find we are swimming with the fishes! 

these pics are from november of last year, before we moved in and the house was empty.
we snuck around for a cheeky look before we had keys so the only inside photo is taken through the window and poor quality.

drive and entrance...

as you can see the gardens are a over grown mess and need a lot of work.
nothing a chainsaw cant fix!
so more pictures to come, i will try very hard this weekend to load some more of inside the old hew house, and update what we have been doing for the last six months.