30 March, 2009

for the beach boyfriend!

I have heard through the "Island Drums" that the beach boyfriend is fed up with looking at more of my knitting and not enough of "his girl"!

So not wanting to disappoint, here we go...

Ella has now received two school awards.

The first (above) is a "Good Attitude" Award.
She got this one for coming to school with a ready smile and willing to have a go.

And her second the "Star Student" Award is for being a friendly, co-operative student who works well and learning.

Very well done my Button.
I am glad you are enjoying school so much.

And I hope this pleases the "Beach Boyfriend" too!
Now I need another cup of tea (ha).

28 March, 2009

no knitting this weekend!

I have been wanting a veggie patch for a long while now, ever since Miss May built her own.
So I set my long suffering husband to work out in the back garden.

The last time my Mum came to stay, I had her moving rocks (at the back there) off the garden to expose the clay dirt.
Which has been airing for a month after being covered with said stones for about seven years.

This weekend has been all business, with Phil framing up a boxed garden.
To cover up a useless bit of raised concrete.
Job well done hubby!

Then all that remained was to fill with nice new dirt, brick a path through the middle.
Drink about a thousand cups of tea, while leaning on a spade.

And wallah!
Welcome to our new garden.

Next week a much needed trip to the garden shop for plants is in order.

16 March, 2009

so very very bad!

Instead of finishing the already cast on projects below...

I in a mad knitting induced state cast on yet another project!
This one is a lovely Panda plum coloured crepe, which is so very soft.

But I digress...
this madness has to stop, I am in need of a serious intervention!

11 March, 2009


Just a little peek at what I'm working on at the moment.

Usually I only allow myself to cast on one project at a time...

no new ones until the first is completed...

not sure what happened here.
But now I am going to have to assign them to a priority list because they are all for birthday prezzies, and as much as I would like to knit them all at once, I can't!

03 March, 2009

again with the colour purple!

I seem to have a thing for the colour purple at the moment.

I wiped up another Minisweater for Button over the weekend.

The yarn is Cleckheaton "Remo", which is beautifully soft and light.
Which is great because the weather is still very hot.

And makes Buttons eyes very blue!