07 January, 2009

neglect for novels and knitting

I have been completely neglectful and "idle indeed" of my blog these holidays, and have let it go some what for reading Jane Austen novels and then following them up with the BBC movies!

With 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Pride and Prejudice' read and watched, I am hungry for more!

Thanks to Miss Austen for her fantastic story telling and the BBC for their visual portrayal.

Love, love, love everything, especially the costumes and inside the buildings and outside the buildings, and the country side, the way they talked back then, oh well o.k just everything!

I would very much like a hat just like the one Marianne Dashwood is wearing.
And definitely the jacket Miss Elizabeth Bennet
is wearing below...

In between reading and being glued to the t.v. I have managed to start and finish the first 2009 knitting project...

this wee puffy sleeved cardigan for Ella to wear to school.
( note how the puffy sleeves look like Miss Bennets! )

This lovely pattern is not one of mine, though I did have to modify the original to fit and to look a tad more little girlish.
You can find the pattern ( Minisweater ) for yourself in a more grown up style at Glampyre Knits, and best of all it is free!


Kelly said...

I do love that era, the dresses were soooo great!
Love cardi for Ella is sooo cute,adore those puffed sleeves!

Mary Anne said...

I'm a Jane Austen fan too! I love the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice and have watched it many times.

Your puffy sweater is to cute and the pictures of Ella are adorable.

sweetp said...

I love P&P too, great way to spend a hot summers day.

castingontrouble said...

Love Ella's new top - DK Smoothie is such a good yarn. Enjoy the hols up north - hope you get a load of knitting in! xx