23 August, 2009

out of control !

OK so it would seem that the crochet bug really has his teeth well and truly in!
I still have to finish Ella's blanket, but I just can't seem to focus on one project at a time at the moment.
I must have about seven things that need to be finished, but no I have to start something new!

20 August, 2009

my little lad...

sleeps with wooden nuts on his eyes!

13 August, 2009

pretty in pink

I have been making myself knit... (the crochet bug seems to be taking over!)

This wee hat for my Button has been in the "must finish" basket too long.

The pattern is a old Fontana one that I brought off TradeMe a while ago.

It made me laugh when I saw it, so naturally I just had to have it.

05 August, 2009

baby knits

In between knitting the big sisters Razor Cami, I have been working away on this small project...

for a new lad Zack!

The sweater is a Sublime pattern called "Preppie".

The wee hat is "Aviatrix".

And "Christine's stay on booties".

What a nice warm bundle he will be!

02 August, 2009

my new distraction

Way back in September of last year I was working on crocheting this ripple blanket for Ella...

I am using Zhivago and love how soft and warm it is.
However the blanket has become very very heavy and skinner at one end.
So the understanding husband and I ripped it.

And I have decided to totally copy Alicia's (Posie Gets Cozy) c
loister blanket, which I just love and can't seem to get out of my head!

Now I know that coping others peoples work is really really bad.
But I figure that my coloures are different, it won't be as big, it is to keep my five year old warm at night, and it's not for sale so there is no profit to be made other than a kiss and hug from Button.
So I'm sure
Alicia won't mind.