28 July, 2008

famous kids

The kids have had a busy weekend.

Ella had a photo shot for Vogue magazine.

And Oliver popped up on this little number!

You can have a turn too, just visit here.
(via angry chicken)

Just make sure you have a fresh cup of tea to enjoy while you play!

22 July, 2008

for your entertainment

This is the kids favourite thing on T.V at the moment!

I know this ad isn't new to all you overseas watchers.
But it has only been released here at home, which is weird seeing that Cadbury is a NZ company.

2: Small boy, also known as mop head!
(by his dad - not me!)

I know he needs a hair cut, but he always looks sooo much older with short hair!

And yes, I really do not want to think about the fact that he is going to turn three in a couple of months!

Perhaps I should have a Irish coffee instead of tea, that may give a little dutch courage to help encourage going to the hair dresser!

21 July, 2008

quick knits!

Or not so quick, as the case may be!
These seemed to take forever, but the
husband's slippers are done!

The Taieri Plains yarn has fantastic yardage, and I only used one ball.
I will stash the other for future use (don't know what yet!).

Now I can make a fresh pot of tea and start on the growing list of Bainbridge Scarfs!

20 July, 2008

road trip!

We have been to Wanganui, for the school holidays.
When we left Wellington it was dark, wet and very yuck.

Thankfully the weather improved as we headed up country.
There was a little sun when we arrived, and on and off while we were there.

The kids traveled well, considering there isn't a lot of exciting things to do along the way!

We stopped in Levin for food, hot tea, and more importantly a play at the park.

It was great to catch up with all the family.
Ella and Ollie always enjoy spending time with their cousins.

And Ella loves going out to a cafe for coffee (frothy) with Nanna.

The kids also made plans with Granddad, to hang out at his workshop and make a birdhouse.
Not that they helped with the making of said birdhouse, they were too busy playing in muddy puddles.

The end result is fantastic, the birdhouse looks great!
Granddad has done a fantastic job.

I think we should make a few more smaller ones to have inside, like these lovelies!

Our birdhouse is still under construction, it needs to be sanded, painted and hung.

I think the kids can paint, while I supervise with a cup of tea!

06 July, 2008

party on, again!

Saturday I took Ella to another birthday party.
This time it was for her friend from kindy Big Miss K’s little brother Q.
Q turned the big 2 and Big Miss K was allowed to invite some of her friends to keep her company.
SM (K & Q’s Mum) and lovely family put on a fantastic event; the kids had an awesome time, especially the wee birthday boy!

The party was held at the local Play Center, and having it there was a brilliant idea.
The place is completely stocked with in and outdoor toys.
A complete kitchen and BBQ.
SM’s husband and brother were in charge of cooking a load of sausages on the barby.
Ella ate three!

SM also made goo and play dough for the kids to entertain themselves with.

This is the Birthday Cake Ella made for Big Miss K.

And we covered biscuits in chocolate icing, and other yummy stuff.

Ella and Big Miss K enjoyed climbing the tree, and hanging out together.

Sadly there was a bit of rain, not that it bothered anyone.
But I was ready for a very hot cup of tea to help defrost once we were home.

Thanks for a great Day SM; we hope Q and Big Miss K like their prezzies.

03 July, 2008

knitted by Nanna!

Mum is a prolific knitter.

She makes the kids very beautiful garments.

I love them all. The kids do to.

Thanks Mum!

And Nanna, like Aunty Toni, also enjoys a nice hot cup of Tea while she knits!

You can take a closer look here, and here.

02 July, 2008


1: How to defrost your child after he jumped in every muddy puddle on the way home from kindy!

2 : Home made Yogurt.

We eat (well Ella and I) heaps of yogurt, and dairy prices are rather steep at the moment.
So we are going to give this a go.

Don't worry husband I did see a Caramel flavoured sachet at the supermarket, and will get it next time.

And I think I should give this a go.
A Berry Yogurt Loaf Cake, looks like it would go down very nicely with a fresh pot of tea!