02 July, 2008


1: How to defrost your child after he jumped in every muddy puddle on the way home from kindy!

2 : Home made Yogurt.

We eat (well Ella and I) heaps of yogurt, and dairy prices are rather steep at the moment.
So we are going to give this a go.

Don't worry husband I did see a Caramel flavoured sachet at the supermarket, and will get it next time.

And I think I should give this a go.
A Berry Yogurt Loaf Cake, looks like it would go down very nicely with a fresh pot of tea!


Toni MB said...

any before shots of the boy?

Fresh Tea : said...

No sorry! My brain was a bit slow, I must have been in shock, as you know he hates walking. This was such out of charter!