06 July, 2008

party on, again!

Saturday I took Ella to another birthday party.
This time it was for her friend from kindy Big Miss K’s little brother Q.
Q turned the big 2 and Big Miss K was allowed to invite some of her friends to keep her company.
SM (K & Q’s Mum) and lovely family put on a fantastic event; the kids had an awesome time, especially the wee birthday boy!

The party was held at the local Play Center, and having it there was a brilliant idea.
The place is completely stocked with in and outdoor toys.
A complete kitchen and BBQ.
SM’s husband and brother were in charge of cooking a load of sausages on the barby.
Ella ate three!

SM also made goo and play dough for the kids to entertain themselves with.

This is the Birthday Cake Ella made for Big Miss K.

And we covered biscuits in chocolate icing, and other yummy stuff.

Ella and Big Miss K enjoyed climbing the tree, and hanging out together.

Sadly there was a bit of rain, not that it bothered anyone.
But I was ready for a very hot cup of tea to help defrost once we were home.

Thanks for a great Day SM; we hope Q and Big Miss K like their prezzies.

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