22 July, 2008

for your entertainment

This is the kids favourite thing on T.V at the moment!

I know this ad isn't new to all you overseas watchers.
But it has only been released here at home, which is weird seeing that Cadbury is a NZ company.

2: Small boy, also known as mop head!
(by his dad - not me!)

I know he needs a hair cut, but he always looks sooo much older with short hair!

And yes, I really do not want to think about the fact that he is going to turn three in a couple of months!

Perhaps I should have a Irish coffee instead of tea, that may give a little dutch courage to help encourage going to the hair dresser!


Toni MB said...

I think he looks more like me than the wee girl does. Remember when I was little and had short hair - I used to get called a boy!

Fresh Tea : said...

Yes I do remember, but you were still too beautiful to really be a boy! I was looking at Phil's baby photos yesterday, and Ella is very much like he was at the same age. I agree, Oliver is much more like you and me.