29 June, 2008

quick knits!

The weather is so very random at the moment.
This morning it rained hard out, and now the sun is shining (but there isn't any warmth in it!).

Just as well I have
finished Ella's hat.
I used the Gooseberry pattern again, only modification is that it's longer before the decreases.

Ella loves it and wore it to kindy this morning with her matching gloves.
If only Oliver was as keen and kept his hat and gloves on!

I have also made a start on the husbands slippers.
I am using the Taieri Plains yarn I brought the other day with Miss Moore, and mixing it with the left over wool from Ella's skirt.
They are nice and soft, and really warm.

I had made one, but it was way too small even though the pattern was written to his size.

So I am having to make up a pattern as I go, only hope it works!

I am using my Mothers Day prezzie from last year, a set of 9mm Rosewood Needles.
They are soooo nice to knit with, get some if you haven't already!

They are almost as good as a Gingernut to have with a hot cup of tea.

28 June, 2008

party on!

Yesterday we all went to Ella’s friend, the little big boy’s birthday party.

There was a break in the wet weather, well done on the timing of that M and P.
The kids had a wonderful time, especially the birthday boy!

I have to say that M and P plan a great party, there weren’t any tantrums or tears, considering the manic fun that was happening!

The Thomas piñata was a hit, especially all the loot inside.

And the little bubble blowers also.
Oliver slept with his, and today hasn’t put it down.

And the wee blue puppy finally met his new owner, such joy from both of them!

On a knitting note; fantastic job on completing Little Miss K’s cardigan M.
She looks soooo adorable, and snugly.

Watch out P, now that your wife has turned to the dark side, and is in the addictive grip of the knitting bug!!!!
Perhaps a second job to pay for the knitting fund is necessary?

Now I off to visit Miss Moore, to teach her how to knit on double points.
She is knitting a hat, for her husband to be.

I hope she has a big hot pot of tea ready, it’s freezing and wet today.

25 June, 2008

i heart button!

I love this kid!

At Easter, Ella asked if she could learn to knit.
So off and on over the last few months we have been having been making time to get together for lessons.

I have let Ella set the lesson times, as I didn't want to push her too hard that she would come to decide she doesn't like knitting.

But thankfully she loves it! And today finished her very first (helped ever so slightly) project!
A small scarf for Betina, and just in time for winter too!

What a fantastic job you have done Button.
I am so very proud of you, you clever little lass!

Now all we have to do is get you hooked on drinking tea while you knit!

24 June, 2008

serious problem

This morning Miss Moore, our two little kids and I met at Queensgate Mall for a coffee and a catch-up.
Oliver asked for a chocolate chip cookie and then decided after one bite that he did not want it.

Nice pinkie work there Boy!

And the look on Miss N’s wee face made me laugh, I’m sure she is thinking “give it to me if you are not going to eat it!”

After coffee, we ended up at Knitworld.
Shock!, horror!, what a surprise! We never go there!
Miss Moore’s second knitting project is a hat for her husband to be.

Very nice to see her wearing her first project too, great job on the scarf.

And husband to be has ordered not one but two hats, one in black and one in brown.
The Boyfriend hat pattern can be found here.

And in all the excitement of being in a yarn shop, with a sale in progress, Miss Moore buying, I caved and brought more yarn!
This is fast becoming a serious problem, as I am meant to be using up my stash before purchasing new yarn to add to stash!

But seeing as I brought yarn to knit my husband slippers, perhaps I will get away with it, maybe?

I also picked up a couple balls of 50% / 50% Wool / Cotton to knit the Bainbridge Scarf for the kids, and possibly me to share. (Well OK, mostly for me!)

On the way home, Ollie and I picked up Ella from kindy, and the moment we were all in the door I had the kettle on for a nice strong cuppa to drink while admiring my new additions!

22 June, 2008

cold and wet day

As promised, here is a picture of Ella's nails that she painted by herself.

Fantastic job my button!
They look great!

You may have noticed in this and the last picture that miss button has bare feet.
(Yes it is winter here, but try telling her that!)

Today is gray, wet and cold!
And even with bare feet, Ella has been thinking of others and wondering if they are warm enough?

Apparently not!

So I have been practicing my very poor and limited crocheting skills to make scarves for the many small residents that share Ella’s bedroom!

One down, far too many more to go, perhaps knitting them would be quicker?

The quiet weekend's knitting efforts produced a hat for the boy, to match his fat little sausage warmers.

It's on, and he is smiling, so that's good.

This beautifully simple pattern is from 50 villapeikko.
One of my favorites knitting blogs, make sure to check it out.

I’m sure all you fellow knitters will enjoy.
And non-knitters as well, it may be just the thing to get you hocked on sticks!

Just remember that it is essential to have a hot cup of tea while you work!

And with that I’m off to freshen the teapot!


The house was quiet this weekend.
With the big girl away, Oliver has figured out that he has Dad’s full attention without having to compete for it.
They went out somewhere to do bloke type things!

So I passed the time with this…..

More of this…..

And some of this.....

The Banana Parkin is very very super delicious!
I haven't had
golden syrup for ages, and had forgotten just how yummy it is!

You can m
ake it too thanks to Suse at Pea Soup.

Her blog is very beautiful, make sure you check it out.

Then Sunday afternoon we headed into town, to collect our munchkin number one!

She and Aunty Toni had been out to a café for lunch, and to the park for a play.
Once home Ella was allowed to paint her nails, she even painted Aunty Toni’s for her as well !
(Tomorrow when the light is better I will take a photo to share!)

And now that the kids are all tucked up in bed, and the weekend is over, it must be time for a hot cup of Tea.

19 June, 2008

play dough dinner?

Ella is really into Kindergarten right now.
Her kindy is next to a primary school, and during the week the school kids come over to read stories and help the little kids with hand writing.
Also the kindy kids go once a week to the schools library, which according to Ella is her "favourite" thing to do!

She also enjoys very much to play with play dough.
Most likely because even though she has a large play dough collection at home, it is not very often brought out!

Why, you ask? Because I really really do not like play dough!
Especially when you find it mushed into the furniture and in your bed!
(Thanks very much Oliver James!)

So kindy play dough is a wonderful treat!
And making semi anatomically correct people, and then making them dinner is what has been happening this week!

Perhaps Ella is practicing her cooking skills for her weekend sleep over......

I hope you enjoy play dough for dinner Aunty Toni!!!

I wonder how and with what she will try to make you a cup of Tea?

18 June, 2008

fat little sausages - now warm

Oliver now has his own pair of gloves, to keep his fat little sausages warm this winter!
Just in time too, it's very cold today, this morning was frosty and the deck was covered in ice.
So of course the kids decided it would be a great idea to slide around in the cold, getting wet, just as we were leaving for kindy!

But it was nice to arrive home from kindy with both gloves still on the now warm fat little sausages!

However it was near impossible to keep said sausages still for a photo!
You've gotta love digital cameras when it comes to photographing moving targets.

The sausage warmers were knitted with Moda Vera : Fun.
It is a Wool/Acrylic blend, so they are nice and soft.
Otherwise Ollie wouldn't wear them if they were too prickly!
I brought two balls, and it has good yardage. So I think a matching hat might be the next quick knit?

Other knitting news : Look away if you are the Big Sister!!!!

The Big Sisters birthday present is done....

just needs wrapping and sending.
Now I off for a hot cup of Tea to warm up, just in time to go back to kindy and collect Ella.

15 June, 2008

cold and foggy = gloves

Usually we have a great view from our house of the surrounding hills and bush (well mostly scrub).
But not so this morning, today it was cold and foggy.

So I guess it was just as well that the weekend knitting produced these....

just in time, now Ella's lovely wee fingers won't get so cold on the walk to kindergarten.

Oliver needs some now, his hands were like little fat frozen sausages by the time we got home again. His I will make a bit shorter up his arm and the thumb too!

It's a shame he does not like to drink Tea, because the lovely hot cup I had once home was fantastic.
The perfect way to warm you up on a cold and foggy morning!

13 June, 2008

the skirt is on!

The skirt is on!
And better yet Ella really likes it, even though I am still not sure.

Oh well, time for a fresh cup of Tea and finish the big sister's birthday present!