10 June, 2008

wanganui to party!

On the weekend we all (including Milly) went to Wanganui for a birthday party!

Great - Nana Bartlett celebrated her 93rd year!

We hope she had a wonderful time.
Eating good food, sipping Tea, and watching a collection of kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids!

Milly is wondering why she is not allowed a piece of cake!

While we were there we also took the kids and Nanna on a small adventure into the Durie Hill Tunnel and up The War Memorial Tower.

I was impressed, the kids walked up all 173 steps on their own.

Oliver usually walks 5 before claiming "I have wittle legs, carry me!"

I did not however have to drag myself all that way, as we were heading in, a friend (from a hundred years ago) and her son were on their way out.
The timing could not have been more perfect! It was great to see her again and meet her lovely lad!

Upon the adventures return, I was informed by Ella that there was "a amazing look" at the top. And from the photo she took (far right above) I believe her!

Once the kids had their fill of fresh air, and Nanna thought she would need a stretcher, carried by spunky army lads to get back to the car, we headed back to her place for a nice hot cup of Tea!

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