15 June, 2008

cold and foggy = gloves

Usually we have a great view from our house of the surrounding hills and bush (well mostly scrub).
But not so this morning, today it was cold and foggy.

So I guess it was just as well that the weekend knitting produced these....

just in time, now Ella's lovely wee fingers won't get so cold on the walk to kindergarten.

Oliver needs some now, his hands were like little fat frozen sausages by the time we got home again. His I will make a bit shorter up his arm and the thumb too!

It's a shame he does not like to drink Tea, because the lovely hot cup I had once home was fantastic.
The perfect way to warm you up on a cold and foggy morning!


Toni MB said...

cute toes!

castingontrouble said...

nice work on the skirt missy teabags!