18 June, 2008

fat little sausages - now warm

Oliver now has his own pair of gloves, to keep his fat little sausages warm this winter!
Just in time too, it's very cold today, this morning was frosty and the deck was covered in ice.
So of course the kids decided it would be a great idea to slide around in the cold, getting wet, just as we were leaving for kindy!

But it was nice to arrive home from kindy with both gloves still on the now warm fat little sausages!

However it was near impossible to keep said sausages still for a photo!
You've gotta love digital cameras when it comes to photographing moving targets.

The sausage warmers were knitted with Moda Vera : Fun.
It is a Wool/Acrylic blend, so they are nice and soft.
Otherwise Ollie wouldn't wear them if they were too prickly!
I brought two balls, and it has good yardage. So I think a matching hat might be the next quick knit?

Other knitting news : Look away if you are the Big Sister!!!!

The Big Sisters birthday present is done....

just needs wrapping and sending.
Now I off for a hot cup of Tea to warm up, just in time to go back to kindy and collect Ella.

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