22 June, 2008


The house was quiet this weekend.
With the big girl away, Oliver has figured out that he has Dad’s full attention without having to compete for it.
They went out somewhere to do bloke type things!

So I passed the time with this…..

More of this…..

And some of this.....

The Banana Parkin is very very super delicious!
I haven't had
golden syrup for ages, and had forgotten just how yummy it is!

You can m
ake it too thanks to Suse at Pea Soup.

Her blog is very beautiful, make sure you check it out.

Then Sunday afternoon we headed into town, to collect our munchkin number one!

She and Aunty Toni had been out to a café for lunch, and to the park for a play.
Once home Ella was allowed to paint her nails, she even painted Aunty Toni’s for her as well !
(Tomorrow when the light is better I will take a photo to share!)

And now that the kids are all tucked up in bed, and the weekend is over, it must be time for a hot cup of Tea.

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