19 June, 2008

play dough dinner?

Ella is really into Kindergarten right now.
Her kindy is next to a primary school, and during the week the school kids come over to read stories and help the little kids with hand writing.
Also the kindy kids go once a week to the schools library, which according to Ella is her "favourite" thing to do!

She also enjoys very much to play with play dough.
Most likely because even though she has a large play dough collection at home, it is not very often brought out!

Why, you ask? Because I really really do not like play dough!
Especially when you find it mushed into the furniture and in your bed!
(Thanks very much Oliver James!)

So kindy play dough is a wonderful treat!
And making semi anatomically correct people, and then making them dinner is what has been happening this week!

Perhaps Ella is practicing her cooking skills for her weekend sleep over......

I hope you enjoy play dough for dinner Aunty Toni!!!

I wonder how and with what she will try to make you a cup of Tea?

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