24 June, 2008

serious problem

This morning Miss Moore, our two little kids and I met at Queensgate Mall for a coffee and a catch-up.
Oliver asked for a chocolate chip cookie and then decided after one bite that he did not want it.

Nice pinkie work there Boy!

And the look on Miss N’s wee face made me laugh, I’m sure she is thinking “give it to me if you are not going to eat it!”

After coffee, we ended up at Knitworld.
Shock!, horror!, what a surprise! We never go there!
Miss Moore’s second knitting project is a hat for her husband to be.

Very nice to see her wearing her first project too, great job on the scarf.

And husband to be has ordered not one but two hats, one in black and one in brown.
The Boyfriend hat pattern can be found here.

And in all the excitement of being in a yarn shop, with a sale in progress, Miss Moore buying, I caved and brought more yarn!
This is fast becoming a serious problem, as I am meant to be using up my stash before purchasing new yarn to add to stash!

But seeing as I brought yarn to knit my husband slippers, perhaps I will get away with it, maybe?

I also picked up a couple balls of 50% / 50% Wool / Cotton to knit the Bainbridge Scarf for the kids, and possibly me to share. (Well OK, mostly for me!)

On the way home, Ollie and I picked up Ella from kindy, and the moment we were all in the door I had the kettle on for a nice strong cuppa to drink while admiring my new additions!

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