28 June, 2008

party on!

Yesterday we all went to Ella’s friend, the little big boy’s birthday party.

There was a break in the wet weather, well done on the timing of that M and P.
The kids had a wonderful time, especially the birthday boy!

I have to say that M and P plan a great party, there weren’t any tantrums or tears, considering the manic fun that was happening!

The Thomas piñata was a hit, especially all the loot inside.

And the little bubble blowers also.
Oliver slept with his, and today hasn’t put it down.

And the wee blue puppy finally met his new owner, such joy from both of them!

On a knitting note; fantastic job on completing Little Miss K’s cardigan M.
She looks soooo adorable, and snugly.

Watch out P, now that your wife has turned to the dark side, and is in the addictive grip of the knitting bug!!!!
Perhaps a second job to pay for the knitting fund is necessary?

Now I off to visit Miss Moore, to teach her how to knit on double points.
She is knitting a hat, for her husband to be.

I hope she has a big hot pot of tea ready, it’s freezing and wet today.

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