29 May, 2008

quick knits!

This week has been a busy one for knitting gifts, and knitting lessons!

Tuesday night was a very important date, because Miss Moore cast on for the first time in about 20 years!!
It was a fantastic event, between watching Corro, the new heat pump blowing loudly, the baby crying very loudly, and the lovely husband to be, rolling his eyes heavenward.
I was so very proud when my ears heard "Just let me finish this row!" through the chaos.
Miss Moore had a great night and I believe finished up at about midnight, which is a sterling first effort!

Look out husband to be, Tuesday knitting nights might just have to become a regular thing!!

This wee blue puppy arrived during the week.
He is for a little big boy birthday present.

Much to Oliver's disappointment, he is quite fond of him and insists that "Willim" needs a friend.
So I guess I had better knit another, we wouldn't want William to be lonely now would we!

I found this very cute puppy, and pattern from this very clever lady - karkovski - I love her work, is fab!
I have knitted a few puppies now, but only give them as gifts!

I also managed to finish this little set for the wee girl - Sarah.
We haven't met yet so I hope they fit!!!

All in all this week has been quite productive.
The weekend is about to get even more so.
Phil is installing a Smart-Vent, dvs type thing in the roof.
I cant wait! It will really make the house warmer this winter!

Now I off for a nice hot cuppa Tea to warm me up - it's very cold today!


Jasmine said...

cute woofer - want to make one of these (but longer) for a draft stopper. Will put florentine recipe up somethine when I remeber - piece of cake (or biscuit) though!

Jasmine said...

hey, somefing up with the comments?you cant leave your blog url or annonyomous comments....