12 June, 2008

i heart yarn!

As much as I LOVE yarn, all types of yarn.
With the endless array of colours and possibilities, I am however finding it hard to love these brown balls!

They are 10ply Wool, very warm, quite soft and the hanks were on sale!
I had intended to knit a duffel coat for the Boy!
But the pattern bombed, and so the ripping began.
I hate ripping; I always feel that nothing has been achieved.
And to top it off I found myself at a bit of a loss as to what these brown balls would be good for?

Then while I was able to have a - very few and far between, no children allowed little weekend holiday - I saw this very nice skirt, just hanging out in front of a tiny shop.

So now that the brown balls have a purpose, I have been working on a skirt for Ella.
(Sorry Oliver you have lucked out on the knitting this time!)

But even now that the skirt is finished, I am still finding it hard to love!

Perhaps it will look better on, with some colorful stripy tights
And through the steam of a hot cup of Tea?

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