20 July, 2008

road trip!

We have been to Wanganui, for the school holidays.
When we left Wellington it was dark, wet and very yuck.

Thankfully the weather improved as we headed up country.
There was a little sun when we arrived, and on and off while we were there.

The kids traveled well, considering there isn't a lot of exciting things to do along the way!

We stopped in Levin for food, hot tea, and more importantly a play at the park.

It was great to catch up with all the family.
Ella and Ollie always enjoy spending time with their cousins.

And Ella loves going out to a cafe for coffee (frothy) with Nanna.

The kids also made plans with Granddad, to hang out at his workshop and make a birdhouse.
Not that they helped with the making of said birdhouse, they were too busy playing in muddy puddles.

The end result is fantastic, the birdhouse looks great!
Granddad has done a fantastic job.

I think we should make a few more smaller ones to have inside, like these lovelies!

Our birdhouse is still under construction, it needs to be sanded, painted and hung.

I think the kids can paint, while I supervise with a cup of tea!


Toni MB said...

What's Miss E doing in the mud in her designer World tee-shirt!!

Fresh Tea : said...

You asked if she wears it, well here is the proof!