17 July, 2009

quick knits

I had been working on this Razor Cami for what feels like ages.
I say ages because I kept getting interrupted by other projects.

This is a very lovely pattern to knit.
Nice and simple, but gives a great effect.
I really enjoy knitting in the round, especally because there isn't as much sewing up to deal with at the end.

This one is for my big sister's birthday.
She is very tall and a disgustingly skinny, and because she has a touch of Maori blood is perfectly tanned all year round!
So this colour will look fabulous on her.

I am loving my Mum's little veggie patch at the moment too.

I like her eclectic randomness of planting.
My garden is to orderly and square, I might get Ella to plant some things.
She is a tad random just like her Nanna.

A very nice place to sit with a hot cup of tea.


CelticCastOn said...

ohhh yummy cami, I being the pastey white skin that I am, am envious of tanned all year round people!! :)

sue said...

Oh how lucky is she being tall, skinny and tanned. I have one of those sisters too but I am taller than her, would prefer the skinniness and brown skin instead of red hair and freckles. The cami looks beautiful. You must show us how it looks when it is finished too.