15 July, 2009

to snow or not to snow?

It is school holidays here, so we shot up to Wanganui for a couple of days.

We also decided to take the kids to Mt Ruapehu.
(behind the Wanganui water tower above)

It was to be the first time they have seen snow close up.
As you can see Oliver was not sure about the whole snow thing.

That was until he lay down on it and licked it, just to make sure it wasn't ice cream!
(and no I wasn't quick enough to get a photo)

But even tough they appear to be having fun, they are townies!

They hated the coldness, the wetness, that it got into their boots and gloves (or glubs, as Oliver calls them), down their necks and up their backs.

And that after you have fun on the down hill...

you have to walk all the way back up...

We gave up after an hour and a half of tears and constant questions about "why can't we go to Nanna's beach with the beach boyfriend, or to a cafe?"

I think from now on we will stick to the replica Mt Ruapehu at Kowhai Park.

It is easier to climb!


sue said...

It is probably less wet too to play on. Hee hee, how much fun they must have had too. My kids have never seen snow up close either but I am sure they would tire out easily if they had to climb the hill a number of times.

Mary Anne said...

It looks like everyone had fun, even for that short time. I love that Oliver licked the snow just to be sure it wasn't ice cream, too funny!

CelticCastOn said...

awwww they just need snowpants, and a week here in the winter lol
Too funny though that she wanted to go to the beach!

Beate said...

LOL... I like your expretion: townies- Ihave kids like that too.
I drag my kids up to north of Norway , fishing, snow and such... they are real townies as well.....
Loved the pic...