28 June, 2009


Everything and every one is yuck at the moment.

The weather has packed in and it's been raining for over a week.
And it's dam cold.

This is a close as we get to snow here in the valley.

The kids are sick, and have been home from school and kindy all week.
And are starting to go a little crazy and climbing the walls.

I have managed to get some knitting done, but no pictures yet as the light is bad and it's too wet outside.
Soon maybe?

Best we stay inside drinking tea and eating cake!


CelticCastOn said...

I hear ya it has been horrible here too. Raining for 2 weeks!!! Makes for a depressing week!
Hope we get sunny skies soon.

Mary Anne said...

I hope the sun comes out and everyone starts to feel better soon!

sweetp said...

I can commiserate! Hope you have something fun lined up for the school holiday and lets hope the sun comes out!

linnea paulina said...

You can make the most of any situation! Wishing you some sunshine!

sue said...

No snow here, just freezing cold and wet. Poor Isabelle has a nasty cough and now lots of yucky medicine to take, and of course it is school holidays. Oh well she should be better soon, hope your family gets better soon too.

castingontrouble said...

love the top photo - very choicey choice!