10 June, 2009


Our little house has had a busy week.
The floor is done, yepee!

And in record time too.
Thankfully it only took two days to put down.
Which was great for us because all the white wear was in the middle of the lounge.

I love the new floor, especially how much bigger the kitchen looks.
And that it is so much easier to keep clean.
Even my little hoon can push the vac around and tidy up after himself.
Although he would much rather use the floor as a road for his cars.

Now all that's left is to replace the windows at the front of the house, and then get new carpet.
And our little house will almost be done.

Other things :
Sweet P has received her goodies from the giveaway now so I can show you too.

Tea of course, a wee tea bag tray, spoon (from Mt Maunganui), and a cup cake.
The cup cake pattern is available from here, if you would like to make one for yourself.


villapeikko said...

Beautiful floor!

sweetp said...

Must be a relief to have that finished. Looks great.

And thanks again for the lovely goodies, i Loved it all xx

sweetp said...

Hey, tagged you for a meme if you're keen :D

Mary Anne said...

Yoru floor is beautiful! I love the knitted cupcake too.

Rima said...

Super cute cupcake!