01 June, 2009


Well they say things happen in threes...

1. I slipped off the deck and thought I had broken my ankle.

Luckily it is only very badly sprained, and the size of a small pumpkin.

2. The car broke down on the way to school.

Luckily I was rescued by one of our local Firemen.

3. Our fridge completely gave up and rattled it's last cold breath.

Luckily Phil found another here in the village for only $300.

What a week, so on to better things...

Apologies for the lateness in drawing the giveaway, but it's been rather an eventful week.
So Button drew Sweet P's name out of the bag.
Congrats, the mystery treat above will be on its way to you very soon.

Tomorrow the flooring people are coming to lay new floor in our kitchen, dining, laundry and toilet.
I have only been waiting for new floor for three years now!

These nasty cork tiles were every where.

But when Phil lifted them we found a even bigger disaster...

We did have a go at getting the lino up, but what a mission.
So we are going to let the flooring chaps tackle that job.

But the hubby has been very busy this weekend pulling up the old carpet and removing all the carpet tacks.

Another job well done!

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sweetp said...

yay yay yay!! I'm so behind in my blog reading as we've been away, so thanks for the message to come over! Thats great! thanks so much xx