20 May, 2009

it's in the bag!

Today is my blogiversary.

One year all ready!
I nearly missed it, but then remembered that I have a little giveaway to celebrate.

So just because I think I'm oh so clever...

"What's in the bag?"

So all you need to do is answer this two part question :

"Where do we spend our Summer Holidays?"
and for the fun factor - "What is in the bag?"

You can e-mail me your answer (address link under 'Welcome' in my side bar), or just in the comments.
And lets say I will draw a winner in a weeks time.

Thanks to you all who take the time to drop by for a visit, I hope you enjoy sharing with our little family.

Note : sorry but the bag is a much loved one of Ella's so isn't part of the giveaway.


sweetp said...

Congrats on your blogversary, am so glad I found you, have very much enjoyed your blog so far! look forward to anotehr year :D

The Mt.

Umm a knitted toy? or hand dyed wool? I have no idea lol

Toni MB said...

Umm well you know I know the answer to number one, but my guess for number two would have to be tea leaves and a hanky?

castingontrouble said...

prizes on a bloggie bday - i totally forgot mine!

I do believe you were luxing out in Mt Manganui and I believe there has to be some nice tea in that bag along with a knitted hat!

Love that Sublime pattern book you got for M's Day - very cool colours and patterns.


Mary Anne said...

Congratulations on your Blogiversary!