14 September, 2008

birds and beds

With the trip to the pet shop on Friday, the munchkins are now hot on animals.
All animals, but as we already have Milly there is no room for any more pets at our place.

There is however room for the wild life and a bird has made her nest in the roof of our garage.

Ella felt a little sad that we couldn't bring her inside to live, so we compromised and brought the bird a honey bell.

Which is now hanging in one of our Olive trees in the front garden.

And with the Olives beginning to ripen she and her babies have lots to eat.

I have been a reader of Alicia Paulson blog - Posy Gets Cozy for some time now, and love her blog.
Way back in January of 2007 she started a now huge following and mass making, all over the world Ripple Along Crochet Blanket craze.
You can check out her finished blanket here.

At the time I had no idea how to crochet, but wanted to make one for Button.
So I hassled Mum to work out the pattern (because the book that has the stitch pattern is $60 here and I'm too mean to buy it, and couldn't find it at the library).
And luck have it at the time Spotlight was having a sale, and I almost brought the entire stock of Zhivago for $1 a ball.

When I had finished sorting through all the yarns, and made a list of the colours, I followed the link to the Random Stripe Generator, loaded them all in and hit the refresh button a whole lot of times until I got this:

Now all I needed to do was learn to crochet.
I am a lazy student and only learnt how to chain on and double crochet or in the Queens English, treble.

So this is how far I have got in a year and a half.
I am sooo slow, and keep putting it aside to knit instead.

I do like the way the colours are coming together, and when I asked Ella which was her favourite she pointed to each one and said "this one, this one, this one..." along the length so far of the blanket.
So at the blistering pace I am setting, it might just be ready in time for her 21st birthday!

Well a least I get to enjoy a big pot of tea while I crochet at the pace of a snail!


sweetp said...

Oh wow that is just stunning!! Go you.
I really want to learn to crochet one day. I keep seeing crochet things (add this blanket now) I'd like to make! One day maybe...

castingontrouble said...

That is going to be a lush blanket one day mmm zhivago mmmm stripes - dont' hurry though - as the cheddar guys say "good things take time"!!