27 September, 2008

planes, parties, & computer virus!

We have had a very busy fortnight.
When we arrived home from Wanganui we found that our PC had a nasty virus, and it has taken nearly a week for Phil to sort it out.

Thankfully he knows how to deal to these things!

So, to rewind a couple of weeks.

Firstly Nanna arrived home from Fiji, incredibly brown and looking rested!

She had a fantastic time away, doing nothing but baking herself in the sun and cooling down with lots of cocktails!

The munchkins were very happy to see her and enjoyed having her to stay for a few days (more on that later...), before we all headed to Wanganui for Oliver's third birthday.

So the smallish boy is now three!
And he had a marvelous day, really how many kids get not only one but two birthday cakes on the same day!

And his much wanted, and long awaited Woody.
Which has not left his side since his arrival!

He also received a whole lot of other wonderful gifts from family and friends.
Which he also loves especially the noisy ones, and ones he can bang things with, (thanks to Nanna, for the wooden tool set!).
I will get some decent pictures over the holidays and post later.
Our camera has been on the fritz as you can see from Ollie’s birthday photos, which are terrible.

So thanks heaps to every one who helped make a small boy hugely happy!

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Ginger said...

Oh.. we are 3 this year too! Happy Birthday!