07 October, 2008

good golly!

The munchkins Granz (Phil's Mum) is also a fantastic knitter.
And for their birthdays, (Ella when she was two, and Oliver this year) Granz made them these adorable Gollywogs.

Now I know that it is supposedly completely politically incorrect, but I don't care.
I think they are fantastic and beautifully made.

And the kids love just love them.
How could you not with their lovely smiles and big knowing eyes.

Olivers Golly is the one with the blue jacket, and he calls him "Colly".
He has a little key, because wee Ollie is very keen on keys.
And will take any keys he can get his hands on, hide them (for weeks Phil's car keys were missing) or use them in the wrong doors, and even break them while they are in locks!
A huge thank you Granz, from the munchkins for their Gollies, they are great!

It is very nice to know that there are other people around that also share our love of Gollywogs.
One of them is a fellow kiwi, Craig Smith.
He has written a song about his Golly.
Check it out it rocks!

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sweetp said...

Oh I love the golliwogs! They are gorgeous.

Thanks for the book recommendations...I have the Ros Badger one! And it is a good one ot have on hand as a reference isn't it?