29 October, 2008

new favorite and a touch of summer

Button has a new favorite breakfast…

Vogel's toast with marmite, cottage cheese and tomato!
It really is very delish, and that’s a good thing as wee Button is not a big breakfast kid.

Today is a beautiful day, the first in nearly a week!

The sun has teased us with a little touch of summer.
And we have nothing better to do than enjoy it, make daisy chains and drink tea!


Mary Anne said...

mmmmm, the breakfast sounds delicious!

The daisies and sun are so delightful to see when we are heading into the dark days of autumn & winter, so thanks for sharing.

Linnea said...

what a yummy looking breakfast
I wouldn't even be scared to try the marmite!
I think the last time I had it was when I was in 3rd form going to a british school :o)
maybe my tastes have matured?!