27 October, 2008

Labour Weekend

This weekend was a three day one!
Labour Weekend in NZ is traditionally just for getting into the extremely over grown garden, or a full on dream for shopaholic's due to sales all weekend.

Our weekend was very busy!
Saturday morning Phil took the kids to the swimming pool, while Miss Moore and wee Neve popped around for a visit, a spot of lunch and to take away some cuttings for their garden.

Sunday morning we went to Sarah's Baptism, and a birthday party for one of Ella's kindy friends.
Mum and the Little Sister arrived in the afternoon to stay for the night.

Toni brought this with her, not would you believe to finish, but to have me rip it!

I haven't had the heart to rip it yet.
The Little Sister has made such a beautiful job, her tension is always perfect.
But alas the pattern is very short and cropped though the body, and Toni has a lovely long back so the cardigan is too short.

Monday morning was busy for the Munchkins, mowing lawns and...

baking muffins!

Then it was off to the garden shop, for a look, a coffee and a spend.
By the time we had drop the Little Sister back to her house and driven home to ours it was time for a well deserved cup of tea and dinner!


Toni MB said...

Look at those long legs on the girl! She has grown up so much!

Fresh Tea : said...

I know!
I's hard to believe that she will be FIVE soon!