08 September, 2008

wanganui holiday

Last week we were in Wanganui on holiday.
To catch up with family, there were a couple of birthdays (Father in law and middle nephew).

And seeing Mum off at the airport, she has swapped bad weather for sun and 31 digress in Fiji!
Oh how I wish I was with her!

The kids had a great time, spending as much of it as possible with their Dad.

Mostly hanging out at the beach...

and Kowhai park.

It was also a timely visit, the day after we arrived my and little sisters Grandma passed away.
She was 88 years old, grew up on a farm in Timaru, and had seen and done more than most.
But I don't think that she fully recovered from the shock of our Dad's sudden death this March.
And to some extent willed herself to be with him.

This is her at about age 20 (I think), just before she went over to the Solomon Islands during WW2.
She was a Private and served as a WREN.

I will miss drinking lots of cups of tea with her (this lady could drink tea, and red wine like a fish!)
and listing about all her adventures, and our Irish family history.

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