09 September, 2008

wet feet

With all the crazy, ever changing weather that we have had lately, I am feed up with getting home from kindy drop offs and pick ups with wet feet!

Well no more!

My lovely Mum brought these beautiful gumboots for me to stomp up and down the street in.

Thanks Mum, I love them!

I have been knitting like mad to finish some birthday gifts.
This is for our friends daughter who turns 21 this weekend.

The yarn is Perendale by Crucci, and 100% home grown New Zealand wool.
It is super soft and snugly, and a dream to knit with.
The picture has lightened the colour a little, but I think that it has turned out nicely.
I just hope it is to her taste!
You can find the pattern for yourself here.

I also knitted a matching pair of fingerless gloves.

I won't be knitting these again in a hurry.
I made the pattern up, using the stitch pattern for the shrug.
And had to rip the first pair about four times before the pattern finally clicked in my brain.

All knitting was modeled by the lovely M.
Thanks a bunch, and it was lovely to catch up with you and your girls yesterday!
Drinking tea, eating cake, and watching the kids get up to mischief.


"made in the sollies" said...

Hi - I finally updated!

Love the gumboots they are hot!

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. What a year huh?
How is Uncle B coping? I hope he is doing okay.

I knew your G'ma served in WWII but didnt remember that it was in Solomons! Do you know anymore about where she was posted?

Lots of love

Fresh Tea said...

Hi L,

Glad you are well! Where have you been?
Uncle B is o.k, a bit overwhelmed, but standing strong.
Little sister knows more on Grandma's WW2 tour to the Solomons, so she is the best person to ask.
I'm heading over to your blog now to see what you have been up to!
Take care, love to here from you again soon.

sweetp said...

I love the colour of the shrug. I have had that on my to do list:D
Your blog is lovely! I will be back..