17 September, 2008

almost three!

Our smallish boy will be three on Saturday!

I can't get over how fast this has happened, where has my baby gone?

Happy birthday our little brat, oh I mean darling!

Isn't he a nice blend of us both!


Toni MB said...

the wee button is so like her dad!

castingontrouble said...

Say happy birthday to the big O from me! Is that a gas bubble in his scan???

"made in the sollies" said...

Sorry Dad but you looked like a girl when you were little!! I was trying to figure out if it was two pictures or mum or not as I knew it was mum in the top photo!

loani said...

What an excellent idea. Mum Dad and Child - all at the same age. I have never seen that before. Still enjoying your beautiful photographs. Cheers. Loani