27 August, 2008

pasta puttanesca

The weather is driving us crazy.
It is so random, sun one day then rain and frosts the next!

It’s no wonder the kids are sick again.

And not being able to go to kindy, poor wee button is starting to climb the walls.

But we have found a new favorite movie, and now the kids are obsessed with Lemony Snicket’s.

To the point where all they want to eat is pasta puttanesca.

And Ella must cook it!
Our version is very very basic, curly pasta (bunged in the microwave) and a can of Wattie's Pesto Tomatoes, stirred in just before they devour it!

On the knitting front.
I have finished a few more Brainbridge scarf's for wee peoples prezzies.

And a project for our friends daughter, who turns 21 in a fortnight.
I just need someone to model before I can take some pictures!
But you can check out the pattern here.

Now time for a cuppa and troll TradeMe for some more buttons.

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