14 August, 2008

nearly snow

Last night at midnight the weather was wild.
We had a huge thunder and lightening storm!

It was incredible, the thunder rolled across the sky for ages.

And was so loud that our windows rattled!

And we had a wee Button sleeping in our bed.

As for the boy, he slept through it!

Then just as we were leaving for kindy this morning, there was a big hail storm.

We ran outside and caught some in a container, then the kids ate it!

I know this picture is dark, (and I have lightened it) but it was very dark this morning.
Yesterday was a complete contrast, beautiful and sunny!

It was my turn as parent helper at kindy, so I took along our chocolate molds (we don't use these ones for chocolate).

We full them up with old crayons and make new fun shaped ones!
The kids (especially the boys) had a great time busting up the crayons with little people sized hammers.
Then we filled up the molds and popped them in the oven to bake.
Once the crayons have melted, the molds go into the freezer to cool.

Then the kids popped out their new crayons!
They look great, too good in fact, as some of the kids tried to eat them!
(funnily enough it wasn't the girls that tried and those boys were the ones that smashed up the crayons to begin with)

But I was silly and forgot to take the camera, so these pictures are from yesterday afternoon at home.

There were some left over raw crayons and Ella brought them home to finish here.
We have made these before to freshen up our old crayons.
And I have brought brand new ones just to melt for little peoples presents!

Those kindy kids were full on, I didn't even have time for a cup of tea.
I had three once we were home though!


castingontrouble said...

the recycled crayons are a cool idea!

Linnea said...

Those are amazing! They look like so so much fun!