11 August, 2008


This went out today.
On their way to Nanna!

Along with two beautiful cards that the kids made....

And the Brainbridge Scarfs...

And this lovely hat that my Little Sister knitted!

Little Sis has picked a great colour, it matched Ella's eyes perfectly!

She used Naturally 4ply Haven (100% NZ Merino).

Which is so very soft and delicious!

The hat pattern and one of theirs as well.

Ella really liked this wee hat, it very nearly didn't get posted.

We hope you like you wee gift's Nanna.

Be sure you have a hot pot of tea to enjoy while looking at all your loot!


Toni MB said...

I'm sure little sis could sctratch out a hat for Ella and her Mum. I'm knocking them off really quickly at the mo. TTP

Fresh Tea : said...

That would be fantastic!
I tided my stash yesterday and have a few balls of Haven (not in that lovely blue though!)
I might have to run away again, for a quiet weekend at yours!
Oh just think of it - NO CHILDREN, quiet tea drinking, knitting, movie watching, BLISS!