05 August, 2008

oh darn, more yarn!

We have had a busy few days.
The kids are sick with colds and full of snot!
They were lucky enough not to have them during the holidays, but we have had nothing but rain and cold weather for the last fortnight.
So I guess it was only time before they crashed.

Miss Moore popped around on Sunday to help me sew, (yes that is right sew!) new curtains for the lounge.
My Mum had made the first batch about six years ago.
They were a beautiful cotton voile, but not U.V proof.
So this time when I washed then, they pretty much fell apart.

These are the new ones, the fabric came all the way from China.
Thanks so very much Miss Moore, who had way too much for her house, and gave me the rest!

Not too shabby, and the colour works perfectly with the walls and our furniture.

I had to pop into Spotlight to buy cotton for the sewing machine, and left with eight balls of yarn.
Yes more yarn!
But just look at it, it's delicious.

They are Spotlight's Yarn Bee brand, Seasoned Spice, colour : Azalea.
And a 70% Wool, 30% Soybean mix, which is so friggen soft!

But really, in my defense I just couldn't leave these lovelies behind, and the colour is perfect for my Button.
Now what pattern to use?
Any suggestions?

Miss Moore has been a very busy Lady, between all the sewing at two houses, and working.
She has finished her second knitting project : The Boyfriend Hat.

She is modeling it below, but it is for her husband to be, to keep his noggin warm at work.

Fantastic knitting Miss Moore, it looks and fits great.
Now on to something for yourself!
I can't wait, more knitting nights with hot cups of tea to come, yeah!


Toni MB said...

nice work on the curtains - very impressed. Love TTP

castingontrouble said...

I agree - great curtains - are they textured or is the square a print on the fabric?

Fresh Tea : said...

The little square is part of the fabric, the darker outline is see through. This picture was taken at night so it is hard to tell.