30 January, 2009

OH S**T!!!

We are back from our family holiday, and I had intended this post to be about that.

But while I was sorting out the million photos I took while away, I realised that there was a disturbing lack of noise in the house!

So I went to investigate and found...

Ella in the bathroom giving herself a hair cut!

Apparently her hair was in the way, so she thought she would just lop it off!
"Why not just tie it up?" I asked.
"Oh, didn't think of that!" was reply.

Thankfully all the cutting was in front, so now my child has a very short, very fat fringe!
Just in time to start school.

No amount of tea will make this one right, I will have to move onto the Sherry!


mandapanda said...

Oh my goodness! lol You poor thing! I don't suppose she could get a layered haircut? ahh well...kids, you gotta love 'em! (unfortunetly)

Toni MB said...

hehe! I was logging in to leave a message that I had heard about the savage chop! Oh dear I bet there were tears! Also wanted to say well done on the swim, keep it up! TTP

Fresh Tea : said...

Yes little sister, there were tears! Most of them were from me!